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Aireox Air Filters
Aireox 22D Car Model
Aireox 22B Car Model
Aireox 45D Home Model
Aireox 45B Home Model


Airoex 45D Home Model

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Retail Price $ 359.95

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Replacment Filters $88.38

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The AIREOX filter combinations offer state-of-the-art air purification designed for your particular needs.

The D Models Feature
Pollen and Formaldehyde Removal: This is the "grand-daddy" of filter combinations. Added to the Activated Carbon and 1/2 Micron Particulate Filter mentioned above, is a Purifil gas filter. This combination of filters works as an extraordinary general air purifier, but also removes pollens, molds, various gases and other particulates. This filter combination is highly recommended for people who believe they are chemically sensitive or are suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). This filter is also HIGHLY recommended for people suffering from asthma, allergies, and other bronchial/respiratory disorders.

Model 45D Specifications:

1.Multi-function (removes gases & particles)

2.Quiet 2-speed operation (low for bedroom use)

3.All metal with baked white enamel finish using NON-TOXIC paint (no out gassing)

4.Compact and portable - use in any room desired

5.Heavy duty centrifugal blower with sealed internal motor for cool, trouble-free operation

6.Four pounds of high-grade activated carbon (coconut-shell)

7.400 sq. in. filter frontal area

8.25CFM air re-circulation rate

9 .100% filtration; no bypassed air

10.Floor or table placement

11.Stands 14 inches high by 11 inches across

12.Uses type 45 replacement cartridges

FILTER Configurations:
Unlike MOST other air purifiers on the market, AIREOX purifiers contain:
  • No ozone discharging elements. Ozone in significant amounts is poisonous to all body cells.
  • No plastics. Our parts are all metal for long life.
  • No unsealed motors that allow oil or chemicals to escape into the air.
  • No out-gassing paint. Our special paint is zero out-gassing.
  • No out-gassing rubber cords.
  • No sealants. Our particle filters are sealant free.
  • No hot exposed motor parts, for safety and long motor life.



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