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Aqualin is a revolutionary moisturizer that treats dry and irritated skin without pore-clogging oils and dangerous chemicals. The secret of Aqualin is a unique and exclusive process whereby electrolyte-free water, the purest known to science is "held together" by natural vegetable glycerin to produce a crystal clear gel. This gel continually bathes the skin in moisture because it does not evaporate like most creams and lotions.  The gel formulation actually keeps the water from drying, providing a continual and natural reservoir of moisture on topi of the skin

Aqualin is versatile and effective all over the body. During sleep, it is an effective facial moisturizer for skin that has been ravaged by makeup and soap.  And it is perfect for problem dry spots - elbows, lips, hands, cuticles, knees, bottom of feet, the area under the eyes and legs after shaving. For the family, Aqualin is summer treatment for insect bites and sunburn, and antifreeze for the face in the winter.

INGREDIENTS: Electrolyte-free water and glycerin

Product Brand Name Size Retail Our Price  
Aqualin Max/Concentrate MICRO BALANCED 4 Oz 19.50 19.50 Order Now!
Lavilin Underarm Deodorant MICRO BALANCED 1 0.00 17.00 Order Now!
Aqualin Original MICRO BALANCED 4 oz 19.50 19.50 Order Now!

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Fights dry scalp will not dry out
Fights dry and chapped skin on face based on water and glycerin derived from vegetables.
Fights chapped lips will not freeze
Excellent as a night cream Non-irritating
Excellent as under  make-up-cream. Non-sensitizing.
Excellent for protecting skin in cold weather ( will not freeze) Non-staining
Excellent moisturizer for hands and body Great as a pre-shave treatment for both men and women
Excellent fro cuticles Water soluble.
Safe for use in genital area. Greaseless
After insect bites Contains no oil.
After sun tanning Extremely economical
Excellent for soothing skin after sunburns and kitchen burns Will greatly enhance any other skin care product you are currently using
Helps prevent lines and dryness around eye area Absolutely non-comedogenic (cannot cause blackheads)
PH Balanced scent-free
hypo-allergenic Cell-proliferator

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