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Beanpod Tea is an all natural, mild and pleasant tasting tea which may have many healthful benefits. It has been found to be sucessful in the lowering of blood sugar levels for thousands of people in Russia and Europe for many centuries.This tea is a natural detox tea that detoxifies the pancreas and other related organs.

Beanpod Tea is comprised of a combination of the pods of kidney, white, navy, great northern and baby lima beans. Beanpod Tea contains the following amino acids: tyrosine, trytophan, arginine plus the B vitamin choline and the enzyme betaine.

The aim of Beanpod Tea is to enable the pancreas to produce its own insulin and to bring blood sugar levels to an acceptable range: somewhere between 110 -140 without additional medication. Very often although blood sugar has not yet reached an acceptable level, nevertheless, the body experiences positive changes.

Many individuals feel relief from their diabetic symptoms (for example, excessive thirst, dry mouth, frequent urination, headaches, etc.). A diabetic taking insulin or other medication is not being cured; he is only being aided in the digestion of starches and sugars that the individual has just consumed.

The problem with most diabetics is that the pancreas lies dormant because of all the sweets and toxins that a person consumes. Depending on the severity of each individual case, this tea will locate the sugars and toxins in the blood and organs and flush them out. Realizing that the blood and organs are cleansed, the pancreas will start functioning once again to produce its own insulin.

Patience is the key word in the usage of this tea. Most people will not experience instant relief with the usage of this tea. Diabetics must take the Beanpod Tea on a regular basis for approximately three months in order to norrnalize their blood sugar levels. Really difficult cases will probably need more time to see results.

Warning: Not recommeded for anyone with kidney stones, ulcers , hypoglycemia, during pregnancy and for those with manmade organs.

Please consult your primary health care person for medical advice, the above is not intended to replace that. The above information is provided by the manufacturer of the Beanpod tea and Natural Living Products is just sharing with you what information was received from them.

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